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Let’s admit it we’ve got all purchased some bad video games in our time, and I’m no one-of-a-kind. Lucky enough for me though businesses now ship me games to review which saves me money from buying rubbish, with any luck these days I can do the identical for you.

I don’t like to bash video games because I know that I may not like a sport in which as a person else will clearly like it, however with the following couple of video games I plead everyone to live away from them because their effortlessly inside the pinnacle 10 worst games ever produced for the Xbox 360.

Now those video games are in no order as all of them suck similarly as terrible.


Can you understand that movie with that guy who ought to teleport? Nope I failed to suppose you would and the บาคาร่า game is equally as terrible as the movie. Actually I tell a lie, the game is one hundred times worse than the movie and in case you ever get the danger to play it or purchase it then don’t, honestly take the sport throw it at the ground and stamp on it. After you have got stamped on it you can need to tip petrol on pinnacle and mild it on fire and the stamp on it a few extra.

Now you may be wondering is it definitely that horrific, and perhaps I actually have over exaggerated a tiny bit but on the whole all of what I even have said is true. Jumper become at once ported from a lesser system onto the Xbox 360, commonly whilst this occurs the manufacturer takes a chunk of time to make the game appearance a touch higher. In this case they could not have cared less. The recreation had the identical ugly pix that changed into produced at the PS2 and had equally as stunning recreation play to go along with it.

Sonic the Hedgehog

It without a doubt pains me to add sonic to this list, however when sonic made the leap to the Xbox 360 it was as though Sega forgot why Sonic appealed to its target audience within the first region. Sonic now not had the capability to run superfast, rather Sonic felt extra like an senior citizen laid low with arthritis. Sega also kicked the little man when he become down and added more characters that the sport genuinely failed to need.

The spiky haired hedgehog wasn’t in the long run defeated by means of DR Rebotnik but ended up dropping to sucky camera angles, bad controls and downright horrific game play.


Unlike Sonic I don’t have any horrific emotions when it comes to ripping into Nascar 08 as EA video games absolutely destroyed the sport a lot that I could as a substitute be stabbed, shot and mugged in preference to race some other lap. The complete factor of NASCAR racing is to take our favorite drivers and pace around the tune as rapid because it’s humanly feasible. EA games alternatively had different ideas and desired to make riding a NASCAR vehicle not possible to handle and from the second lap onwards they determined to make all motors pull to the left no matter automobile harm.

I truly assume it would be simpler to compete in an real NASCAR race than it’s far to finish a race in Nascar 08. Shame on you EA.

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