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Did my Kindle absolutely lose all of my books?

Most likely, no. You’ll be greatly surprised to recognize that you are not on my own. Many Kindle users are locating themselves no longer able to access their books. This commonly takes place for one cause: Your Amazon account has been banned or suspended. If your account receives banned or suspended, you WILL lose access in your e-books.

Why would they suspend or ban my account? What to Do If Your Amazon Account Gets Suspended ?

Do you purchase different items on Amazon.Com? Have you again any gadgets currently? If you answered sure to each of these questions, your account most probable has been suspended. It does not sound truthful in any respect because the item you back turned into probable faulty or damaged. Regardless, Amazon has the right (when you clicked “I Agree” to their phrases) to try this and have been doing it.

It’s not truthful!

Believe me I agree. It doesn’t seem right since you did PAY for the ebook. This has been the trouble with DRM (Digital Rights Material). In a feel you’re just buying a “service” not the real e-book. It would seem that shopping for the actual book is probably higher, however folks that love their Kindle adore it for a motive: functionality and comfort.

So Now What?

Call Customer Service. That’s the handiest manner. Once you get your Amazon account reinstated functionality will go back.

My account isn’t always banned or suspended

If you checked and referred to as customer support to confirm your account is in top status, then the hassle maximum probable lies inside the Kindle itself. Remember that this rarely ever happens and the loss of books generally ties in along with your account itself. Keep in mind that returning a Kindle can throw you into this example (as said above). With that being said, go back your Kindle ONLY in case you sense it is the reason to your loss of functionality.

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