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Location: Mt Emily Park & Abandoned House
Exploration Date: 4th Muharram 1429 of the Muslim calendar
130108 of the Gregorian calendar
Encounters: A pile of ruin, a chandelier
Time: 0020 ~ 0150

Brief Description of the vicinity

Mt Emily is placed close to the coronary heart of Singapore town but amidst the busy bustling of the metropolis streets and night lifestyles, not too a long way away there are city legends and untold rumors surrounding the Mt Emily areas.

At the pinnacle of Mt Emily nowadays sits a few neighborhood bars or pubs collectively with several international college students hostel. There is also a park nearby that is stated to keep a sinister tale on its swings. As our crew visited the park we may want to now not discover any greater swings this is claimed to be a warm spot for a pontianak to swing on it. Therefore we go away it as it is for that story as of now.

Amongst the lovely homes positioned opposite on the top of Mt Emily is an deserted residence or a terrace. The region was supplied by our team building activities singapore from a reliable source thanks to Mr Syafiee.

The story has it that the Mt Emily house is a residence that has been deserted for numerous lengthy years and changed into remained untouched even though its surrounding plots of land was fast snatched up whilst area for sale. This is a is a bit baffling to us considering its prime location.

Is the house haunted? Was the asking rate too excessive? Is the land volatile? Is the owner looking ahead to the right time to sell or become he/she didn’t bothered approximately it due to the fact he/she become too wealthy?

This become a number of the query playing thru our mind as we explored the abandoned residence atop Mt Emily.

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