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The Good, The Bad and The Irrelevant

We see the best and the terrible, and the whole thing in-between. Sorting thru the Android Marketplace of over 300,000 apps isn’t any small project, but we’ve got been steadily working closer to finding the exceptional stuff to your own family, and providing you with a breakdown of the cool and the drool (our version of the coolest & horrific) on all types of apps, now not simply video games.

All of the apps that we review ought to skip a precursory inspection earlier than we will even keep in mind them for our evaluation procedure. This method that we most effective evaluation apps that have some relevance to households, are not malicious, and generally meet a certain level of pleasant.

The Best of the Best

But despite the fact that all the apps that we assessment meet those initial criteria, there is still a huge difference between a suitable app and a surely exciting app that surpasses our expectations.
It’s usually a deal with to encounter an app this is absolutely properly made, interesting, attractive and has a few type of depth to the interplay that it provides. You can constantly inform when there has been a further bit of effort and love built into an app, and (coming from folks who use and evaluate a bunch of various apps) it’s really favored.

These are the apps that stand other than the others, they’re some of Famigo’s favorites, and we suppose that your circle of relatives will truly love them too:

Top Paid Apps

Cut the Rope – $0.Ninety nine

A lovely recreation with adorable characters and a excellent consumer interface. It performs off of truly interesting and complicated physics puzzles. If Pixar had made a blockbuster app, this will be it. Although this app has been popular on Apple’s app save for some time, it’s miles new to the Android Market.

Drawing Pad – $1.99

There are a lot of drawing apps obtainable, and a bunch which are supposedly designed in particular for children. From what we’ve visible, they’re especially lackluster. (Meaning they appear like terrible rip-offs of Paint, with design queues taken from the Nineteen Eighties, now not that we don’t love the eighty’s, but those apps aren’t even seeking to be retro!) This drawing app, however, is high-quality. It’s smooth, smooth to use, and has a ton of picks for exclusive colorations and substances

X Construction – $1.Forty three

We like this one so much that we preserve on playing it, almost regular, even though we’ve got already reviewed it. It’s hard, once in a while frustratingly so, however that’s what continues us coming returned to it over and over once more. There’s something approximately being accountable for a train completing its adventure it’s oddly pleasing.

Nano Panda – $0.97

There’s one phrase that describes this app: lovable. It’s any other physics-primarily based puzzle sport, however it manages to be delightful through its sport play, person interface, and immoderate use of pandas. In our eyes there is no such aspect as too many pandas, so this app receives the Famigo seal of approval.

Top Free digital drawing


This is a brightly coloured, easy to play app that is fun for anybody. It has the functionality of being multi-person, which we love. (It’s continually more fun to play together!) There’s an specifically great contact built into the game, win a level and you may see what we are talking approximately.

Angry Birds

This one surely goes without announcing. When an app has its own line of kid’s toys and a film in the works, you
understand there’s were given to be something to it. What is that some thing? Probably the first rate photos, adorable characters, challenging game play and extensive target audience appeal. We’d thankfully pay for a model with out advertisements, but that is not an choice yet.

Shift Lite Puzzle Game


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