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In the age of steady advertising from home improvement chains, the empowerment of house owners as “weekend contractors” has surely grown. Many owners nowadays are extremely on hand, and some can also even be extra succesful around the residence than they even understand. However, there is normally a line in which a DIY project will become an “Are you kidding me?” assignment. A current internet seek took place to turn up a “a way to” providing on constructing and installing concrete countertops. This challenge falls to the far aspect of the “are you kidding me?” range of DIY.

Step 1: Making the Templates and Molds for Concrete Countertops

The what? Are you telling me that I ought to construct something BEFORE I sincerely construct the component I am looking to make? The DIY approach described here includes gluing skinny strips of wood veneer together to create a duplicate of the complete perimeter of the countertop area — desire you were precise at making fashions as a child!

Oh wait, it looks like they forgot to say a step: doing away with the cutting-edge counter tops. Let’s say, hypothetically, that you and your marriage stay intact after casting off the countertops which can be currently on your kitchen. Now that you have the vintage countertops out, what about eliminating them? No bribe inside the world gets your trash man to take that. By the way, in case you commenced at 7am, it’s probably approximately 4:30pm by means of now if you didn’t stop for lunch.

Step 2: Cut the Steel Mesh, Mix and Pour the Concrete

So 3 weekends have exceeded and you’ve got ultimately finished the templates and built the molds. You have no longer had any kitchens counters for all of this time, but hiya, who does not like to order out, proper? Hopefully while you obtain all the plywood, veneer strips, caulk, tape and different materials essential just to build the templates and the mildew, you remembered to pick up the 50 pound luggage of concrete and the metallic mesh; if now not, now will be the time to head again to the shop — for the 1/3 time nowadays.

Step three: Pour the concrete, Set the Mesh

Back from the shop? Great. Now it’s time to combine up the concrete and pour it into the mildew. Oops, I almost forgot to say that the massive mould you have got constructed has been occupying the garage all this time, because of this your spouse has needed to park her automobile out of doors within the driveway, best of success with that. So you blend the concrete inside the bucket you bought — you did purchase buckets right? If you overlooked to buy buckets, which might require a fourth journey to the shop these days, bypass to step four.

Step 4: Call a Professional chicago countertop contractor

At this point, your wife is staying at her sister’s, and even the dog won’t appearance you in the eye. Use the better judgment you have got deep down inner and get in touch with someone that does this for a dwelling. The value of a brand new, professionally set up concrete countertop can be far much less than what a divorce legal professional goes to price you if you maintain this up. You can nevertheless brag approximately the “deck” you constructed ultimate summer, assuming you may convince your wife to come domestic.

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