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When looking for the pleasant protection razor there is one razor this is unanimously an all-time classic, the Merkur 34C HD. It is a chrome completed two-piece nonadjustable double part. It has a short 3′ inch take care of with a smart non-slip grip. This double edge razor starter kit is simply king of handing over a close comfortable shave for amateur to revel in wet shavers.

The Merkur 34C is in reality a favorite of mine. There are many razors with their very own following, but the 34C Heavy Duty is a favorite across the board. Which is why I pick it as the high-quality protection razor. I did not pick it as first-rate because it shaves higher than some other safety razor. I chose it because of its simplicity, performance, and availability. With that being said let’s get into some info.

First, let’s be aware the grip. The HD has extra grip than most protection’s, which is available in accessible whilst shaving with moist hands. Safety razors are solid with metal and heavy in weight unlike the plastic cartridge razors observed in grocery shops, so a non-slip grip preserving it off your foot could be very helpful.

This razor has a 3-inch cope with, a good deal shorter than handles on cartridge razors. Most of my new moist shaving customers without delay scoff after taking one take a look at the HD’s brief handle. They anticipate it’s going to make shaving more hard. Once I inspire them to take it home and strive it out, they generally find that the shorter handle without a doubt gives them more control over the razor.

The balance at the 34C is likewise very wonderful. Finding the proper reducing angle is a piece of cake, and the smoothness is noticeable in the first pass. By time, you get to pass number 2, or three you’ll have realized that you have if not the closest, one of the closest shaves you ever experienced.

The Merkur 34C Heavy Duty comes surprisingly advocated for wet shavers in standard, but there are many different options obtainable. Do your self and me a small choose; do not become too caught up inside the rhetoric about non-important info, consisting of “constant or completely adjustable heads.”

Shaving forums are complete of very opinionated, however passionate conventional shaving purists like myself. The protection razor in popular is the first-class razor and any in addition options are 100% relative to the user. What I understand for sure is that wet shaving with the use of a badger brush and safety razor, is ideal in your pores and skin and your pocketbook. Everything else boils all the way down to desire.

What makes this razor my desire because the first-class safety razor for novices is that you could discover it effortlessly on the internet and retails very inexpensively. Also, due to its constant and extensive spread reputation. Whether you are new to protection razor shaving, or have in no way taken the 34C for a check force. It’s a should-have.

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